Episode 2

The Stoked Bloke Show Season 2

Podcast 24 mins 2024
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Seasons: 21

Barton and PK preview Pipeline Pro and much more in early 2024.

Barton Lynch, Peter King

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Synopsis Barton Lynch the stoked bloke himself and Peter PK King preview the upcoming WSL Pipeline Pro and look at the goings on at the New Earth Project Pipeline house over the last few weeks including the ANEP Advocates Summit and the drop in of presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr and the GOAT Kelly Slater. The boys review the swells of the last few days here on the North Shore of Oahu and consider the previous 2 events already held this winter at the Pipeline, The Vans Pipeline Masters and Da Hui Backdoor Shoot Out and what we might see upcoming in the Lexus Pipeline Pro in 2024.
Athletes Barton Lynch, Peter King
Genres Podcast
Studio New Earth Productions
Rating not rated
Runtime 24 mins
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