Simon Chamberlain


22 mins 2009
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Pro snowboarder Simon Chamberlain takes part in photo shoots and hosts his signature Simon Says competition at Bear Mountain.

Simon Chamberlain, JP Walker

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Synopsis There is plenty of work for Simon Chamberlain before the snow falls as a team rider and part-owner of Stepchild and Nomis. Simon participates in a light-hearted photoshoot with fellow Stepchild teammates, Joe Sexton and JP Walker. After the shoot, Simon heads to Nomis, a company he runs with his brothers, to check out the new line. But where there are Chamberlains, there will be mischief.

The snow arrives and Simon is off to Bear Mountain to host his signature competition, Simon Says. Despite the pressures of organizing and running an event, he finds time to ride with the locals and session the park.

Between trips, Simon hopes to sneak away for a snow cat tour with his brothers. But this season has delivered the most dangerous avalanche conditions in 25 years. Still, the Chamberlain brothers are determined to have fun.
Athletes Simon Chamberlain, JP Walker
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 mins
Language English | Stereo
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