Firsthand - Tamayo Perry

Biographical 22 minutes 2005
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Surfer Tamayo Perry takes us to Tahiti where he surfs one of the world's heaviest breaks known as Teahupoo.

Tamayo Perry

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Synopsis North Shore funny-man and barrel specialist Tamayo Perry takes us on a unique journey to the beautiful south pacific islands of Tahiti. While in Tahiti, Tamayo surfs in the Von Zipper Trials of the Billabong Pro at one of the worldÂ’s heaviest breaks known as, Teahupo'o. After exploring the natural beauty of the islands, Tamayo catches some of the biggest and most intense waves to hit Teahupo'o in years.
Athletes Tamayo Perry
Genres Biographical
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 minutes
Language English | Stereo
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