Sons of Sickness (2008)

NR 1 hour  4 minutes Shortboarding
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Featuring our youth and top athletes in surfing as a documentation of Sickness in the 21st century

Andrew Doheny, Andy Irons, Asher Pacey

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Synopsis A surf flick generating radness globally. Created by the producer of Snapt 1 & 2 Chad Towersey. After four years of various trips around the world Sons of Sickness will be unleashed into the wild. Featuring our youth and top athletes in surfing as a documentation of Sickness in the 21st century.
Genres Shortboarding
Athletes Andrew Doheny, Andy Irons, Asher Pacey, Pat Towersey, Josh Kerr, Bruce Irons, Kamalei Alexander, Alex Knost, Ryan Turner, Brandon Tipton, Jamie Lovett, Blake Jones, Dusty Payne, Clay Marzo, John Robertson, Ian Rotkins, Mark Healy, Reef Macintosh, Braden Dias, Michael Ho, Derrick Ho, Rocky Cannon, Rory Parker, Makuakai Rothman, Rico Jimenez, Jamie Obrien, Jason Fredarico, Randall Paulson, Tory Barron, Amayon Goodwin, Tom Grom Dosland, Kalani Chapman, Wooly, Randal Taylor, Bryan Doheny, Josh Hoyer, Cordell Miller, Dusty Hein, Max McIlwee, Spencer Pirdy, Brett Schwartz, Brett Simpson, Shaun Ward, Russell Smith, Ted Navaro, Nick Craft, Johnny Craft, Anthony Tashnick, Jesse Columbo, Jason Ratboy Collins, Bud Freitas, Tom Curren, Kilian Garland, Chris Brown, Luke Dorrington, Brent Dorrington, Yadin Nichols, Chris Ward, Kolohe Andino, Ford Achbold, Matt Archbold, Nat Young, Luke Davis, Daniel Jones, Jai Boyce, Mark Occhilupo, Luke Egan, Peter Labrador, Wesley Larsen, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Dean Morrison, Kelly Slater
Studio Towerz Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 1 hour  4 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Download Resolution SD | 640x360 (76.06 MB)
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x480
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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