Destination Unknown

Shortboarding 53 mins 2008
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Life is short, the world is wide... Destination Unknown by Matt Wybenga

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Synopsis Destination Unknown surfing video by Matt Wybenga. Matt Wybenga has been on the scene for years, although you may not be familiar with his name. As the primary cinematographer for Dangvu Media, Matt gained experience shooting both land and water during the production of The Faulkland Frontier and many others. Matt's been doing his own thing for several years now, popping up as the shooter of choice for Billabong's ultra-secret missions, Surfline's clandestine forays into Baja and most recently, the initial river surfing expedition to China.

Culling footage from the last several years of exclusive trips with the planet's best surfers, Matt's newest production, Destination Unknown, gives the viewer a chance to experience these sessions in high-quality, the fulfillment of tidbits that have up until now only been offered as online teasers.
Genres Shortboarding, Strictly Surf Action & Music
Studio Matt Wybenga
Rating not rated
Runtime 53 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
Download SD | 848x480 (1.13 GB)
Stream SD | 960x540