Epoxy 101 Volume 1 Shaping with Greg Loehr

Shaping 1 hr  36 mins 2006
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Epoxy innovator Greg Loehr teaches how to shape EPS foam, from blank to refined shape in this 97 minute program. Sit back and learn from the Epoxy master.

Greg Loehr

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What's the difference?

Gift Movie  $14.99 USD
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Synopsis EPS blanks are lighter and stronger than traditional Polyurethane blanks. Greg Loehr innovated his own Epoxy resin and has years of experience as a surfboard shaper. Sit back and learn every step in the process of taking a block of EPS foam and creating a blank then a refined shape. This 96 minute program is solid instruction with no filler.
Athletes Greg Loehr
Genres Surfboard Shaping, Surfboard Shaping, Learn How to Surf
Director Carl Ackerman
Writer Greg Loehr
Studio Ackerman Digital, LLC
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hr  36 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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