Summer of 66

Documentaries 59 minutes 2022
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5 | 40 ratings

A surfboard design project, featuring classic boards from the summer of 1966, being ridden by contemporary riders and showing how relevant they are in todays world.

Tosh Tudor, Honolua Bloomfield, Keoki Saguibo

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Synopsis In the mid-60's, the Tom Morey Invitational pitted the best 24 surfers on the West Coast in a timed nose riding event. This was the catalyst for every manufacture to come up with a nose rider specific design Fifty-five years latter, we took ten of these boards and pared them with ten contemporary rippers. The end results is a fantastic examination of how a 1966 classic nose rider can be relevant in today's world!
Athletes Tosh Tudor, Honolua Bloomfield, Keoki Saguibo, Tessa Timmons, Brittany Penaroza, Journey Regelbrugge, Leah Dawson, Rossie Jaffurs, Link Earle, Willy Asprey
Genres Surfing Documentaries, Surfboard Shaping, Surfing Documentaries, Longboarding
Director Dave Stanfield
Writer Dave Stanfield, Randy Rarick
Studio Hawaii Surfing Promotions
Rating not rated
Runtime 59 minutes
Language English | Stereo
Stream HD | 1920x1080