La Maestra (The Teacher)

Biographical 29 mins 2015
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La Maestra (The Teacher) depicts a day in the life of a young Mexican teacher and the tiny rural southern Baja fishing village in which she lives.

Mayra Aguilar

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Synopsis La Maestra (The Teacher) is a half-hour documentary about the day in the life of a young Mexican woman and the tiny village in which she lives. The film profiles Mayra Agulair, a teacher in a tiny rural fishing village in southern Baja, Mexico, who becomes the first Mexican woman surfer in her area. Told in Spanish using mainly Mayra's voice, the film shows how, in her own small way, Mayra has made an impact on her community and has gone on to inspire both her students and other local women to take up the sport and follow their dreams. Through her deep connection to the ocean, Mayra has also become an environmentalist, teaching her students the importance of land and sea stewardship through hands on learning. In the film, Mayra talks about the amazing surfing waves in her town -- a gift of nature that has brought thousands of gringo surfers to the area over the years, forever changing Mayra's hometown in both positive and negative ways. In this regard, the film is also a subtle commentary on the impact outsider surf tourists can have on small communities around the globe and the need for all of us to be mindful of taking care of the environment, no matter where we are.
Athletes Mayra Aguilar
Genres Biographical, Surfing Documentaries, Environmental Message, Longboarding, Women's Surfing
Director Elizabeth Pepin Silva, Paul Ferraris
Writer Elizabeth Pepin Silva
Studio On The Water Front Creative
Rating not rated
Runtime 29 mins
Language Spanish | Stereo (English Subtitles)
Captions English, English
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