Introducing the Super Stoked Surf Mamas of Pleasure Point

Documentaries 19 mins 2018
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A 20-minute documentary about the importance of community, friendship, pregnancy and surfing.

Mayra Aguilar, Katie Loggins, Ashley Lloyd

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Synopsis Introducing the Super Stoked Surf Mamas is a story about friendship, pregnancy and surfing.

Through surfing and a love for the ocean, five women become friends. So when they all become pregnant around the same time, it is natural that the women turn to each other for support and encouragement. Ignoring people who tell them to stop surfing while pregnant, the women decide instead to listen to their own bodies and continue doing what they love -- just with some extra precautions and modifications. The women in the film discuss the challenges they face as their bellies grow bigger and their wetsuits no longer fit, but also the joy of being in the water with their unborn child inside them experiencing the ocean together as one.

Once their babies are born, the women face new challenges in dealing with their changed bodies and the responsibilities of caring for a needy little one. Finances won't allow any of the women to pay for child care, so instead they once again turn to each other, creating a surf mama group so that half the mamas go surf, while the others watch the kids -- and then they switch off. The film demonstrates the power of coming together as a community and the support and friendship women can give to each other to accomplish their goals -- to be mothers, or anything else in their lives.
Athletes Mayra Aguilar, Katie Loggins, Ashley Lloyd, Grace Gooch, Jenny Bennett
Genres Surfing Documentaries, Women's Surfing
Director Elizabeth Pepin Silva, Paul Ferraris
Writer Elizabeth Pepin Silva
Studio On The Water Front Creative
Rating not rated
Runtime 19 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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