Long Board TV - Episode 3 (2003)

NR 22 minutes Surfing
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We take a closer look at single fins, shaggy hairdoos, "old school," other retro hype and journey to the Mentawais on this edition of Long Board TV.

Dave Simons, Alex Knost, Allan Seymour

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Synopsis In a time when scores of single fins, shaggy hairdos and thrift store apparel can be found along the beaches of Southern California, its hard tell what's real or just a trend in an era that's cool to be "old school." To the outsider, longboard surfing might easily be associated with all the other retro hype, but to those who've felt the trim it is much more. Refined and resurrected in the last century, longboarding's true identity has been formed by a colorful group of wave riders. We take a closer look at all of this and journey to the Mentawais, on this edition of Long Board TV.
Genres Longboarding
Athletes Dave Simons, Alex Knost, Allan Seymour, Pickle, Cody Faircloth, CJ Nelson, Sean Haggar, Joel Tudor, Nat Young, Melvin Pu'u, Titus Kinimaka, Dave Kalama, Jeff Hakman
Studio Opper Sports Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 22 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Download Resolution SD | 852x480
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x360
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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