The Kill 2 Remastered

1990s Classics 42 mins 2023
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The Kill 2 now remastered in 4K quality by Artificial intelligence (AI). The best action movie from surf filmmaker Josh Pomer. Starring Kelly Slater, Ratboy, Rob Machado and a cast of rippers from the late 1990's.

Kelly Slater, Ratboy, Rob Machado

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What's the difference?

Gift Movie  $7.99 USD
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Synopsis Remastered in 4k with the help of Artificial intelligence (AI) . From Josh Pomer, the award winning director of The Westsiders comes The Kill Two, one of the best selling surfing videos of all time. Thousands of Kill fans scooped up The Kill 2 with alacrity. And for good reason. Ratboy's section would be relevant going up against any surfing video today. His style is smoother, his airs more radical including the very first frontside 360 air, in which he spins all the way around. It was earth-shattering at the time. Pomer focuses his new and improved video camera not only on Santa Cruz surfers, but on some of the best surfers in the world outside of Santa Cruz. Spending the winter on the North Shore, he caught on film the amazing rides of Slater, Shane Dorian, and Kalani Robb. Timmy Curran, a young master at mixing carves and airs, spent countless sessions filming with Pomer at the beach break in front of his house, resulting in footage of Curran at his finest, with moves both powerful and quick. Some seasoned surfers have described Curran as one of the top five surfers in the world when he was only seventeen years old. The Rob Machado section at South Mission jetty in San Diego is exciting. Machado tees off many times on a perfect day at the jetties. Kelly Slater rides some of the deepest tubes ever witnessed. The wipeout section qualifies this movie as classic Kill! Originally released in 1994.
Athletes Kelly Slater, Ratboy, Rob Machado, Nate Acker, Shane Dorian
Genres 1990s Surf Classics
Director Joshua Pomer
Writer Josh Pomer
Studio Josh Pomer Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 42 mins
Language English | Stereo
Download SD | 960x540 (1.45 GB) HD | 1280x720 (1.27 GB)
Stream HD | 1920x1080