Lost and Found (2012)

NR HD 1 hour  11 minutes Documentaries
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A story when 30,000 images are discovered at a flea market in Los Angeles, Ca. A journey like no other.

Aaron Chang, Dan Merkel, Gerry Lopez

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Synopsis Lost and Found is a film based on the discovery of 30,000 negatives found in 3 boxes at a flea market in Los Angeles, Ca. Doug Walker traveled for 3+ years re-uniting photographers as well as surfers with some of surfings best images ever captured. It is a film that truly comes from the heart as stories are told and captured in a way like no other surfing film. Showing people that if stories are not told, they are lost.
Genres Surfing Documentaries
Athletes Aaron Chang, Dan Merkel, Gerry Lopez, Jock Sutherland, Buttons Kahuiokalani, Larry Bertleman, Duncan Campbell, Bobby Owens, Greg Weaver, Candy Moore, Bob Barbour, Rory Russell, Randy Rarrick
Director Doug Walker
Writer Doug Walker
Studio Corduroy Films
Rating not rated
Running Time 1 hour  11 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Download Resolution HD | 1280x720 (2.19 GB) SD | 848x480 (990.16 MB)
Streaming Resolution HD | 1920x1080
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