Surfin' Shorts (1962)

NR 56 minutes Classics
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Three films from the early days, featuring some of the greatest surfers to ever paddle out!

Corky Carroll, Phil Edwards, Herbie Fletcher

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Synopsis During the years Bruce Brown was making his regular surf films, he also did a number of short films, TV programs and commercials. Three films from the early days, featuring some of the greatest surfers to ever paddle out

The Wet Set is a film he made for Hobie-MacGregor Sportswear. It was the first film done on "surf-style fashion." After all these years, the "style" which endures is the surfing of Billy Hamilton, Herbie Fletcher, Mickey Munoz and Bobby Patterson. Those guys could surf in raccoon coats and make it look stylish.

America's Newest Sport is a short film made for Hobie. It was about his new skateboard and skateboard team. Hobie, as he always did, figured he could design something better. He came up with flexible trucks and clay wheels which sure beat the old steel ones. His skateboard "team" was a classic bunch of kids who performed state of the art maneuvers like riding a skateboard while covered by a trash can.

The Endless Summer II would have been a good title for this TV program Bruce did with Bud Palmer. It included the first-ever surf trip to Japan, which he made in the summer of 1963, with Del Cannon and little Peter Johnson. The trip to Japan was made before Mike Hynson, Robert August and Bruce made their "world" trip to make the Endless Summer. When the Endless Summer was finished the Japan segment didn't seem to fit and was left out. This film includes interviews with "the best young hot-dogger" Corky Carrol and "the best surfer in the world" Phil Edwards
Genres Classic Surfing, 1960s Surf Classics
Athletes Corky Carroll, Phil Edwards, Herbie Fletcher, Del Cannon, Bill Hamilton, Mickey Munoz, Bobby Patterson, Peter Johnson
Director Bruce Brown
Studio Bruce Brown Films
Rating not rated
Running Time 56 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
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