Stoker Machine

Art & Culture 12 mins 2024
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4 | 6 ratings

Stoker Machine delves into surf culture, blending animation and cinematography to capture the essence of Stoke. Award-winning short at Cannes, San Francisco, and more.

Chad Campbell

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Movie Details
Synopsis Chad Campbell, an expert surfer discovers a mysterious surfboard on the big island of Hawaii. The retro board provides only a phone number and an email address as clues to its origin, leading Chad to accidentally uncover a central-coast California surf legend. The man they call, "Stoker". Stoker Machine puts you in the ocean and shares a folklore, capturing the spirit of Stoke through surf cinematography and unique, colorful hand-drawn animation. Stoker Machine goes beyond the surface-level thrills of surfing. It attempts to capture the essence of Stoke. Discover the magical and sometimes funny relationship between surfer and surfboard. This short 8 time award winning animated surf documentary is sure to warm your heart and leave you Stoked.
Athletes Chad Campbell
Genres Surfing Art & Culture
Director Darieus Legg
Studio Stoker Machine LLC
Rating not rated
Runtime 12 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
Stream HD | 1920x1080