Classics 56 mins 1996
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Litmus was the first surfing film by Andrew Kidman, a wonderful artist and phtographer, which is just to name a few of his many talents. This video features some great footage of surfing legends like Miki Dora, Wayne Lynch, Tom Curren, Derek Hynd, and Terry Fitzgerald. Set to an awesome soundtrack, this is one of the most creative and beautifully executed surfing films of its decade.

Shaun Munro, Kelly Slater, Joel Fitzgerald

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Synopsis In 1995 Jon Frank and Andrew Kidman embarked on a Journey. They documented their travels and when they returned home, they made Litmus.

Nominated in five categories at the 1998 Surfer Video Awards, including Best Video.

"I knew I wanted to make Litmus, though I'm still not really sure why. It still has a purity about it, like the simple act surfing with a friend or playing a song in a room to yourself" says Andrew Kidman.

"One of my favourite sequences in 'Litmus' is the one with Tom Curren. He surfs in his home waters to his own guitar playing - guitar playing we recorded during a backyard jam in Victoria. I think it's a really unique and special thing, and really shows off what a gifted human Tom is." -Andrew Kidman

"I wish that when they asked us: 'What is surfing?' I would have said it's a spiritual activity, and no just a sport, because that's what put us on the wrong track." - Nat Young, 1966 World Surfing Champion

"One of the most fascinating surf videos to come along in quite a while. Anyone with half a brain or taste for something different will enjoy." -Ben Marcus, Surfer Magazine

"The Riders, the boards, the places, the ruminations...Litmus was easily the finest srf film of it's decade." -Scott Hulet, The Surfer's Journal

Athletes Shaun Munro, Kelly Slater, Joel Fitzgerald, Tom Curren, Derek Hynd, Wayne Lynch, John Darby, Nat Young, Terry Fitzgerald, Miki Dora, Mark Occhilupo, Rob Page, Darrel Van dePolder, Paul Moreno, Shaun Briley
Genres Classic Surfing, Shortboarding, 1990s Surf Classics
Studio Andrew Kidman
Rating not rated
Runtime 56 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
Stream SD | 720x540