Happy Beach (2012)

NR HD 27 minutes Surf Punk
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Happy Beach is a artistic surf film from Jack Coleman that features an all star free surfer cast and was shot on super 8mm film.

Andrew Doheny, Ford Archbold, Josh Hoyer

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Synopsis In Happy Beach Andrew Doheny surfs his way through life at home in California and explores the friendly streets & waves of Mexico. Ford Archbold transcends his larger than life character both in and out of the water. Josh Hoyer plays himself in possibly the darkest, most suspenseful conceptual surf section ever. Ozzie Wright gets loose in New York on a borrowed board & surfs himself into corners in Newport Beach. Chippa Wilson visits Southern California and rides unwanted waves all to himself. Dane Reynolds gets car jacked, and recovers nicely from injury with huge hacks often resulting in his famous cannonball exit. Alex Knost, Albee Layer, Spencer Pirdy, Jesse Steelman, Bobby Okvist, The Wedge, & Jesus as himself all make small cameos.

Happy Beach Is independent filmmaker Jack Coleman's second surf film. The film is a completely independent production, with no branding. Shot, edited, and produced entirely by Jack Coleman.
Genres Surf Punk Hipster, Surfing the East Coast
Athletes Andrew Doheny, Ford Archbold, Josh Hoyer, Dane Reynolds, Chippa Wilson, Ozzie Wright, Alex Knost
Director Jack Coleman
Studio Nameless Direction Underground
Rating not rated
Running Time 27 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Download Resolution SD | 848x480 (391.63 MB)
Streaming Resolution HD | 1920x1080
Additional Features Chapter Markers

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