You and Me

Documentaries 1 hr  27 mins 2016
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Active and life loving David Barney Miller was a passenger in a tragic car accident that left him a quadriplegic, unable to use his arms and legs ever again. As expected he enters dark time in his life, but through the love and support of his family, friends, and finding his soul mate he takes on the impossible.

Barney Miller, Kate Miller, Lara Sonntag

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What's the difference?

Gift Movie  $12.99 USD
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Synopsis You and Me follows the extraordinary true story of Barney Miller, an active, life loving guy who became a quadriplegic 17 years ago as an emerging Pro Surfer when the car he was a passenger in, hit a tree at over 120kms an hour. Told by doctors he would never breathe independently or be able to use his right arm or legs again, Barney has defied all medical assessments through grit, self-belief, hard work and sheer guts.

When Barney meets and falls in love with Kate, a girl with her own dreams of being a singer, he makes it his mission to only ask Kate to marry him when he can kneel down to propose, stand at the altar and dance at their wedding together.

With the help and support of loved ones, the innovative work of Neurophysics Functional Performance trainer Ken Ware and close friends including 3X World Champion surfer Mick Fanning, Barney is back surfing, fundraising for others with spinal injury through the Barney Miller Surf Classic, and the Wings for Life World Run and is working towards his ultimate goal to walk, run and surf standing up again.

You and Me follows the incredibly powerful and emotionally uplifting journey through the struggles and obstacles Barney and Kate face in achieving their collective goals. Prepare to be inspired by their resilience, unwavering love for each other and the support network of their family and friends.
Athletes Barney Miller, Kate Miller, Lara Sonntag, Tania Brown, Leigh Webber, Toby Webber, Geoffrey Miller, Helen Greenwell, Mick Fanning, Darren Handley, Johnny Gannon, Jason Southwell, Sharron Southwell, Annabelle Southwell, Damon Southwell, Rachael & Brad Taufthema, Clarissa and Anthony, Jan Carton, Eric Harness, John Edney, Ken Ware, Nickie Ware, Grace Ingram, Lily Ingram, James Ingram, Ben Hiddlestone, Candace Hiddlestone, Rebecca Mooney, Brett Martin, Joe Bryant, Shane 'Milka' Williams, Josh Murphy, Joel Parkin, Emma Parkin, Kelly Tyson, Nigel Tweddle, Monique Corrigan, Grace Murdoch, Matilda Murdoch, Olivia Cooke, Otto Hibberd, Caitlin, Layne Morris, Savannah Lancaster, Chad Salter, Mitch Pollard, Ross 'Anakin' Robertson, Dean Van Boeck, Toby Martin, Simon Osborn, Morgan Paff, Alan Sathgotta, Paul Clawser, Michelle 'Mica' Gaila, Jason Smith, Jger & Nitro, Hannah Davis, Joe Rattray, Dave & Leah Moore, Brad Saffin, Marta Hotell, Clint Greenshields
Genres Surfing Documentaries, Surfing Movies with taste of Adventure
Director Taylor Montemarano, Lorenzo DeCampos
Writer Michael Lawrence
Studio Garage Productions & Way Back Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hr  27 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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