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Why is iTunes required to download my purchase(s)?

iTunes is not required in order to download your purchases. While iTunes is our preferred download client you can opt to download directly in your web browser, directly to your Android phone/tablet and iPad or iPhone.

If you wish to temporarily download directly in your web browser, please use the following link

To update the default download client associated with your account, pleas use the following link

Why iTunes?

iTunes is the most popular cross-platform media player application available. Our downloads are designed specifically for use with iTunes and all iTunes compatible devices. Using technology built into iTunes we have pioneered a process that allows for purchases made on our site to download automagically into a personalized feed (Podcast subscription) inside of your iTunes library. Any time you make a subsequent purchase from our site, those items immediately become available for download inside of iTunes.

New devices?

As devices come to market from other manufacturers we are constantly investigating how to best support them. As the demand for content grows we will add support for these devices and provide methods of downloading on a device specific basis.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact customer support


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