Overview, is a simple easy to use video on demand (VOD) service that provides access to the largest and most extensive collection of premium surf video content on the internet. TheSurfNetwork's cloud-based service allows you to purchase once, watch when and where ever you choose. When you purchase a video, your viewing rights do not expire. You can watch a purchased video as many times as you would like on your computer or compatible device. Purchased content can be delivered to the device of your choice, from your desktop computer to your iPod and even your television. Using technology built into iTunes we have pioneered a process that allows for purchases made using our service to download automagically into a personalized feed (Podcast subscription) inside of your iTunes library. Any time you make a subsequent purchase from our site, those items immediately become available for download inside of iTunes. We also provide direct access to purchased content through customized Apps on internet connected devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Boxee Box.

Company is owned and operated by Opper Sports Productions, a full-service, high definition digital broadcast television production and interactive media development company established in 1995 by Ira Opper. Opper Sports has produced action sports films, numerous original prime time television sports series, and action sports event coverage for national and international cable networks, including -- ESPN, Prime Network, Outdoor Life Network, National Geographic Adventure and Fox Sports Networks.


Opper Sports has been on the bleeding edge of digital video distribution since 2005. Opper Sports created the NOD Platform, an enterprise class distribution platform that manages all of the complexities around the delivery of digital video content for service and its associated partner web sites. No Shipping. No Printing. No Manufacturing. The NOD Platform is a turnkey solution that allows video content owners to quickly and easily monetize digital media assets in today's interactive world.

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