Apple iPod and iPod Nano (video)
Our iTunes compatible video downloads play well with the iPod. Sync the iTunes video library on your computer with your video capable iPod or iPod Nano to watch on the go.

1. Open iTunes, plug device into computer

2. Select device from available devices list

3. Click on the Podcasts tab

4. Check the Sync Podcasts check box

5. Select Video Download Purchases

6. Select the items you wish to sync by checking the corresponding check boxes

7. Click the Apply button to sync the selected items to your device

8. Wait for iTunes to transfer the files to your device

9. Select Videos from the iPod menu

10. Select Video Podcasts from the Videos menu

11. Select Video Download Purchases from the Video Podcasts menu

12. Select a video from list of available items

13. Video player will load and begin to play video

More info coming soon...
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