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I have a high-speed connection but see buffering or a low connection speed message.

Buffering is generally caused by a slow Internet connection speed. Your broadband Internet connection speed can vary for many reasons that are most likely not related to our service itself. Please check for these common issues:

ISP Restrictions and Connection Speed

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) "shape" or "throttle" connections to video services like ours. This means that while your Internet connection speed may generally be very high your ISP is limiting bandwidth when you connect to our service. You can diagnose this issue by checking your Internet connection speed and comparing it to the reported speed when connected to our service. Here how:

  1. Visit a connection speed website such as and run a bandwidth speed test
  2. Visit and start the video
  3. Compare the Kbits/sec (Kilobits per second) from your speed test to the speed reported when connected to our service
  4. If your measured download speed is more than twice our reported speed, your ISP may be slowing down your connection to our service. Please contact your ISP for assistance

Intel Throughput Enhancement Settings

If you use a computer running Windows XP or Vista that has an Intel wireless card, the default settings for Intel Throughput Enhancement could impact your viewing experience over a wireless network. Visit the Advanced tab of your wireless adapter properties from the Windows Control Panel and make sure that Intel Throughput Enhancement is enabled. Additional information about this feature is available on the Intel website here:


Resetting Your Internet Service Provider Connection

If your connection speed is much worse than usual, you can try resetting your broadband modem or router to ensure you have the best possible connection to your Internet Service Provider. Call your ISP to troubleshoot the problem if it persists.

Wireless Connection Strength

If you are accessing our service through a wireless internet connection, you may encounter weak connectivity. To improve your local wireless connection, try moving closer to the wireless access point or, if possible, connect your computer via a wired Ethernet connection.

Shared Internet Connections

If you are watching a video using Watch Now and you or someone else in your household also is using the same internet connection through a router or wireless network to browse the internet, download files, play video games, or engage in other online activities, you may encounter a decrease the available bandwidth to your PC which may impact your video quality.

You can increase your connection speed to our service by pausing or stopping other internet activities and turning off computers or other devices connected to the same internet connection.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact customer support


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