Long Board TV - Episode 29 (2004)

NR 22 minutes Surfing
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We take a look at legendary surf artist Rick Griffin, world champion-turned-musician Beau Young, competitor and shaper Jye Byrnes and the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach.

Beau Young, Josh Constable, Brendan White

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Synopsis Ask any surfer and they'll tell you that they have a two-way relationship with the sport. Surfing is something that we are inspired to do, and something that inspires us to pursue other passions in our lives.

In the 1960s, Rick Griffin began his work as a surf cartoonist before moving on to a mysterious, conflicted career in art.

At the same time, Australian Nat Young was establishing himself as one of the world's best surfers, a legacy that he would pass along to his son, modern-era longboarder Beau Young.

Also in Australia, Jye Byrnes, a surfer from a working-class background, established a love for sport on the soccer field, but soon realized that surfing was his only true passion.

In this episode of Long Board TV, we take a look at these multi-faceted surfers, and the elements that inspired passions.
Genres Longboarding
Athletes Beau Young, Josh Constable, Brendan White, Taylor Jensen, Mathew Moir, Colin McPhillips, Jye Byrnes, John Severson, John Van Hamersveld, Steve Pezman, Jack Johnson
Studio Opper Sports Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 22 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Download Resolution SD | 852x480
Streaming Resolution SD | 852x480
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