2007 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing: Billabong Pipeline Masters (2007)

NR 44 minutes Surfing
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Stop #3 of the 2007 Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing: Billabong Pipeline Masters on the North Shore of Oahu.

Kai Otton, Mick Fanning, Dustin Barca

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Synopsis Stop #3 of the 2007 Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing: Billabong Pipeline Masters on the North Shore of Oahu.

Despite the small surf at Pipe this year there was plenty of other things going on over here at the North Shore. A freesurfing session with Mark Healy and a microphone out in the line up.

Interview with Dustin Barca

Segment on the womens Triple Crown of Surfing and a recap of all three events. Megan Abubo captures the Triple Crown Title and brings it back to Hawaii.

The Quad is back and William Stretch Rydell talks about the reasoning behind them and how Nathan Fletcher helped him.

Fred Patacchia takes us around the Vans Triple Crown golf tournament at Turtle Bay and we take a peek at the Banzai Rock Skatepark across the street from Pipe where Duane Peters, Mark Partain, Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi, Lester Kasai, and many more are ripping.

Pipe finals saw Bede Durbidge win in the small surf against Joel Parkinson, Dean Morrison and Pancho Sullivan.

Genres Surfing Event Coverage, Surfing Competiton, Shortboarding
Athletes Kai Otton, Mick Fanning, Dustin Barca, Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, Makua Rothman, Derek Ho, Gerry Lopez, Bernie Baker, Flynn Novak, Randy Rarick, Joel Parkinson, Danny Fuller, Ian Walsh, Jamie OBrien, Sunny Garcia, Neco Padaratz, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, John John Florence, Josh Kerr, Mark Healy, Dean Morrison, Kalani Chapman, Shane Dorian, Garrett McNamara, Adrian Buchan, Taj Burrow, Fred Patacchia, Bret Muramoto, Joel Parkinson, Michael Ho, Joel Centeio, Chris Ward, Bruce Irons, Pancho Sullivan, Benji Weatherly, Bede Durbidge, Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi, Mark Partain, Tyler Mumma, Lester Kasai, Curren Caples
Director Billy Kiely
Studio Vans Off the Wall Productions
Rating not rated
Running Time 44 minutes
Audio Language English | Stereo
Download Resolution SD | 640x480
Streaming Resolution SD | 640x480
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